Consulting & Project Management

Comprehensive project management dealing with various sectors when it comes to services based on space technologies. Identify and finding human resources, communicating with national, private and education sectors, solution with respect to country requirements and helping clients working in Asia providing comprehensive Geoinformatic Solutions. Primary area of consulting is the application of space related solutions to national and regional problems. We work with local partners bringing in your expertise to help the developing countries in the region. 

Networking & appraisals

We will bridge you with correct partners in Asia with our extended resource and human network.  Appraisals on environmental status and problems, land resources management needs, disaster management needs and evaluation of the status, national need assessments, are our primary services to global clients.  Geoinformatics Solutions Ltd. Is your reiable business partner in Asia for Geoinformatic Solutions.

Training & Capacity Building

Our know-how and proficiency in Geoinformatics capacity building is in high quality and highly recognized.  Professionally qualified experts in a roaster of associates’ within the company as well as working very closely with us provides clients with the best service for their individual needs.  CANAsia Geoinformatics Solutions Ltd. is committed to provide training and capacity building services at your place or at a place of our associates to address individual needs. 

Mapping & GIS Services

Ready to provide timely and cost effective satellite based mapping solution for clients in Asia with our group of experts coming from remote sensing, GIS, GPS and Cartography.  CANAsia Geoinformatics Solutions Ltd. can take care of your project from selecting satellite data, developing base maps, field verification and final output in various formats including GIS databases.  CANAsia Geoinformatics Solutions Ltd. can support with GIS database creation, visualization, and using the system for modeling for client needs. 

Web Design, Web Services and Internet Mapping

Start services and solution in web services for reasonable investment with CANAsia.  WEB Mapaping with Open Source packages, design clients environments and advices is provided through associated experts of CANAsia.