Environment & Disaster

Disaster The natural disasters observed during the last several decades have damaged lives and property, pressuring governments and international organizations to divert their resources for measures that help societies respond to the risk of natural disasters. Today’s call is for collaboration of experts with productive methods of response and recovery, and to develop systems and procedures to reduce the risk and cost of natural disasters in a timely manner. GeoInformatics brings in solutions to help this world endeavor to manageable level.


Capacity Building

DisasterTechnological advancement of ICT is particularly rapid, with growing economies and their demand being enormous, especially where countries are looking for better information management systems for sustainable resource management, rapid response, and developing disaster resilience societies. Human resource development has become a challenging task in preparing the world to cope with technological development and tailor the global systems for their needs.


DisasterGlobal change, climatic variations, extreme flood events, droughts, and poverty: Identifying these issues requires comprehensive analysis of information collected from a variety of efficient methods, such as satellite data, weather reports, forest activities, and ground surveys. Data collection, data mining, model integration needs are new areas need to be collectively addressed.


DisasterEnhancing individual efforts, bridging technological barriers and connecting problems with appropriate solutions needs a new networking effort.